Phantom Exam Syndrome

The ‘big’ exams are approaching – Aaron’s PSLE  in September followed by Ivan’s A’ levels in October. They are working hard, albeit with frequent disruptions with their iPOD and handphones. It’s probably because of the exam fever in the house that I have been getting the ‘Phantom Exam syndrome’.

The syndrome is actually a nightmare that I have been having, frequently enough, ever since I graduated from university. There are a few variations.

Physics Nightmare – This is my most frightful one.  Physics paper is approaching soon, probably in a few weeks and I have not even started revising yet. I go to the library but all the seats are taken up by students busy studying hard. I have only a few weeks to study the whole year’s work but now I cannot find a seat…

Another scene is, I know at the back of my mind I must start going to the library to study or I would not have time, and the niggling thoughts would not stop…no time…exams coming….must start revising soon…

Chem Nightmare – Tomorrow is the chemistry exams and I still have a ton of topics that I have not touched. All my friends have finished their revision. There are three more files of notes to go through. I panic.

Maths Nightmare – I am in the middle of my maths paper (which looks suspiciously like Aaron’s P6 Maths paper). I looked at the MCQs and couldn’t solve a single question. The clock is ticking. I decide to attempt the long questions instead but each question looks foreign. I have only five minutes left and the paper is still blank…

Last night I just had the Physics dream again. In it, I was trying to remember a ‘Poverty Theorem’ but just could not get it right. Isn’t it terrible to be suffering from exam stress after more than two decades of leaving school?


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One Response to Phantom Exam Syndrome

  1. daryl lee says:

    i have these same old dreams like you. hahaha. nice one.

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