8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber

Since I couldn’t have my daily feed of Korean drama while in Cameron Highlands, this book came as a good substitute. Like Maeve Binchy who spins tales on the residents of a particular neighbourhood or village, Debbie Macomber also uses this to create a series of books, in this case, the residents of Cedar Cove, a little town near Seattle.

The main story surrounds Emily Flemming, a mother of two boys who is married to a pastor, Dave, of whom she suspects of having an affair. The book, however, also gives glimpses of the other residents of Cedar Cove, some of whom are more colourful and exciting but unfortunately are not delved in details here.

The book starts off during Thanksgiving with Emily confiding in her mother about Dave. All the circumstantial evidences point to an affair. Telephone calls, earrings, lies. But she doesn’t confront Dave and leaves us guessing. Meanwhile, Dave is a suspect of theft to a dead woman whom he had been visiting prior to her death.

He is investigated by the town’s Sheriff, Troy, who is mourning for his wife’s death but has recently reconnected to his first love Faith.

Then there is Christie, the character I was most interested in but unfortunately did not have the happy ending I expected. Christie has always been in love with the wrong kind of men, men who are abusive and into alcohol and drugs. She finally falls in love with James, her sister’s chauffeur but James ia a man of mystery himself.

There are many other characters in the book. Like I say, this book is like a long-winded Korean family drama where each characters are given a short time slot to tell her story, much liked by middle-aged ajumma like moi.

A light storybook to pass the time while in Cameron Highlands.


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