My real age is younger!

I am not one to be obsessed with age. I have no qualms about giving out my real age. After all, how to lie about that when I have almost grown up children. The good thing about giving out my real age is that people are often amazed that I am that old. It’s one thing to look young, or feel young for that matter, but not be actually that young health wise. Thanks to the May issue of O magazine, I have a chance to test my real age in a very lengthy and detailed quiz, and voila! I am indeed younger in my real age.

The test asks you questions on your health, feeling, diet and fitness. Some figures like blood pressure I do not know and give my estimate as average.  I am told by the site to retake the test with real numbers but generally, I am given the thumbs up. Here are the reasons why:

1) Genes – Your RealAge is younger because of the genes you inherited from your long-lived parents. But good genes don’t cancel out bad habits. (I give thanks to my ancestors!)

2) Numbers: Your healthy waist size of 29 and BMI of 23.62 help reduce your risk of several health problems, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. And they make your RealAge younger. (I should really reduce my BMI and waist size.)

3) Smokeless environment : Because you are rarely, if at all, exposed to passive smoke, your RealAge is younger.

4) Sleep: Stick with your sleep schedule. You may be getting the amount of nightly sleep that’s right for you; but if you are not feeling well rested during the day, you may need to get more restful sleep.

5) Marriage and Sex: Kiss your spouse! Being happily married is good for your mental and physical health and helps make your RealAge younger. (Thanks Mike!)

6) Friends: Your social support network (family, friends, organized groups) is excellent. Stay in touch through e-mails, phone calls, and, whenever you can, face-to-face visits. (Thanks Dear Granny, Aunts, Bee, KL Girls, Yoga mates, ex-classmates, ex-colleagues and all others for keeping in touch with me!)

6) Stress: Keep a good handle on your stress level. Try relaxation techniques to minimize the internal damage caused by pressures from the external world.

A year without any major life-disrupting events is a good year, in terms of stress. Keep in mind, though, that big stress can come in little packages, too: the weeds taking over your flower boxes, the unwritten thank-you notes, the out-of-control closets.

7) Finance: Sounds like you have a good handle on your financial situation. Smart planning now can help secure a stress-free financial future, and that means good things for your health and happiness. (This one must thank Mike too!)

8) Positive Mindset : This one takes some effort and lots of help. (Thanks Mel Gill, Eckhart Tolle, Ajahm Brahm).

9) Goals: Keep feeling good about what you’ve done in the past and what you hope to do in the future. Having a sense of purpose gives your health and longevity a big boost. (This one I am not sure where they deduce from.)

10) Breakfast: Keep up your daily breakfast routine.

11) Fruits: By eating two to four pieces of whole fruit a day, you’ve made yourself younger. Way to go!

12) Vegetables: Keep filling your plate with colorful veggies.

13) Fish: Keep eating at least one serving of fish (or another good source of omega-3s) per week.

14) Cardio: You spend 210 minutes per week doing cardio/aerobic exercises and activities, and it’s helping your body grow younger. Way to move!

15) Flexibility : Your muscles are meant to be stretched — to move, expand, and contract. Otherwise, they lose their elasticity. Having greater flexibility makes it easier to bend, reach, twist, work out, and avoid injuries. And stretching exercises reduce stress and tension, improve circulation, and boost concentration. (Love my yoga!)

Having said that, the site also made some recommendation that I should eat less red meat, more nuts and whole grains as well as do more weights exercises.

Two points that I disagree with is that i should take Vit D supplements and  dairy products. I feel my daily dose of Singapore sunshine is enough. So how old is my real age? I am 41.4 years old, a good 5 years younger. I guess I can’t be under 30 as I have admitted I need reading glasses.

Go to to test your real age. Just by pondering over the questions asked may be food for thought.



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