The Thorn Birds – Korean Drama

In the gossip news recently is the secret daughter of Joey Wong王祖賢, whom she tried unsuccessfully to abort. The daughter was rumoured to be sold and is now 17 years old.

This drama, which just ended its run on KBS (StarHub 115), is similar to the story above. It tells the sad tale of an illegitimate daughter of a famous actress who was taken away from her at birth.

Orphan Seo Jung Eun and Han Yoo Kyung are best friend trying to search for Jung Eun’s mother. They make a recording, pretending that the famous actress Lee Aerin is Jung Eun’smother. One night, they discover that Yoo Kyung is just like Jung Eun, a motherless child who was given away at birth and now abandoned by her foster-mother. Yoo Kyung blames Jung Eun for the news. Meanwhile, Jung Eun meets Lee Young Jo, a boy who was also abandoned by his mother for being the mistress of his father, and develops a friendship with him. (Very complicated.)

The three separate and meet ten years later. Jung Eun is an aspiring actress, Yoo Kyung is a producer at the movie company owned by Lee Young Jo’s grandfather. (What a coincidence!) Although Yoo Kyung knows Jung Eun is in love with Young Jo, she plots to have Young Jo and becomes pregnant with his child. Unfortunately, Young Jo’s grandfather dies and he is kicked out of the family company by his half-brother. Dejected, Yoo Kyung rejects his proposal and leaves him. Meanwhile, Yoo Kyung discovers that her mother is the famous Lee Aerin. She uses Jung Eun’s video to expose Lee Aerin’s illegitimate daughter in order to destroy her career and seek revenge. Lee Aerin retires from show business as a result and becomes a recluse.

Yoo Kyung gives birth to a daughter and registers herself as Jung Eun. She leaves the baby with Jung Eun to abandon her at the orphanage and leaves for US. Jung Eun does not bear to abandon the baby. She brings the baby to Lee Aerin and the three decided to pose as mother, daughter and granddaughter. Jung Eun reconciles with Young Jo when Young Jo finds out that the fabric company owns by Lee Aerin’s brother is actually held in trust for him, as arranged by his grandfather before his death.

Another six years pass. Yoo Kyung returns to produce a movie and meets Jung Eun, an extra in a movie set. She discovers the fake relationship between her mother and daughter with Jung Eun and wants them back. She also wants Lee Young Jo back as he is now a successful businessman who owns fabric factories and clothing stores.

Blood is thicker than water. Would Yoo Kyung be able to replace Jung Eun to reclaim her position as daughter to Lee Aerin, and mother to six-year-old Hanbyul , not forgetting lover Young Jo?

Although Han Hye Jin (from Be Strong, Geum Soon) is credible as the kind hearted Jung Eun, she is overshadowed by the ever versatile Kim Min Jung. The audience is never quite sure if we should be angry or sympathetic towards her.

I was hooked to this drama because Joo Sang Wook, as Lee Young Jo, is a good looker, and also for the strong story line.



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