First Visit to MBS

Last Saturday was our first visit to MBS. Even before we went, we were warned – parking is difficult. Go early or use valet.

We wanted to go there for dinner before our show at the theatre. Mike went online to check out the restaurants. All are fine dining restaurants that would cost at least $100 per head, unaffordable for  a family of six. Casual dinings are found only inside the casino. So we are left with fast food (one burger joint) or the very expensive food court Rasapura Masters. A site gave us some good recommendations on what is good and what to avoid. Also the warning that the place is packed on a weekend.

Wow, so stressful just thinking of it even before we stepped out. Mom called before 5.30pm, hurrying us. We picked her, then picked Ivan at 6.10pm from his tuition. As we drove towards our destination from Marina Square, we kept a lookout for signage. The theatre sign was clear enough, but where was the parking? We joined a long taxi queue at a right turn but that was for drop-off. A guard directed us to exit the drop-off and enter the car park immediately on the left.

Inside the car park, there was no clear sign directing us to available parking space. Cars were going round and round. Any free spaces we saw was cordoned off. We drove from north to south, went down a few levels and came up again. Mike dropped us and told us to go ahead to eat first. He foresaw a long wait looking for parking. We were frustrated.

I took mom and the kids to the food court. It was crowded but amazingly, we managed to find a table with posh chair and carpeted flooring. Then horrors! I realised that I didn’t bring my purse as I had changed from my trusted Kipling to a clutch that is too small to contain my wallet. We all looked to Mom, who usually don’t bother to carry money when she goes out with me. Thank goodness she rustled out some tens and a one- hundred- dollar note. She gave the boys each a ten note to buy food. They soon came back. The ten-dollar was not enough for some stalls.

Mike came shortly after. He had taken a chance to follow a woman to her car. I ordered a bowl of pho for $8. The broth was so so but the beef was tough! Mom bought pad thai for Aaron but he preferred the Meehoon kway. Mike bought chengdol and ice kachang to share as they were highly recommended in the website. All the kids complained about the high price.

After our show at the theatre, we walked past the North Indian stall where there was a long queue. We remembered that the Naan and curry were highly recommended and decided to join the queue at eleven pm. The males need to fill up for the MU vs Barcelona match at 2.30am that night. We waited about 20 mins, There was only one chef baking the naan in the oven and many Indian tourists ordered about 5 to 6 at one go. Mom wanted the tandoori chicken. (The Thai salad long digested.)

By eleven thirty, we exited MBS, vowing never to go back. After all, the shops at the mall can also be found elsewhere. The food court is expensive and not great. The only way MBS can lure me there is if they have very good show at their theatre. By the way, the parking cost us $12. We could have used the valet which charges the same price, I was told.

Lastly, the two piece naan was soggy by the time we reached home. But the mutton was tender, the chicken curry sweet and the spinach with cheese, so so. The North Indian takeout was $35.


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