It’s June holiday next week and parents, er…I mean mothers, with kids taking PSLE soon are highly stressed. Every Friday during our drive to yoga, my friend S laments about her P6 son. Why can’t he be more like her? She was poor and could only afford one assessment book, which she’d erased and redo again and again. Her son does not bother and she spends time and precious (since she stopped work this Feb) money taking him to tuition. She tells me that she grew up amidst gamblers who sprouted Hokkien obscenities around her. She tells me a few and I have never heard of them. My Hokkien vocabulary for obscenity is very limited. As Grandma often says, Teochews are more refined and growing up in a Teochew environment had shielded me. (Growing up in a female majority household also contributed to some extend.)

Yesterday afternoon, an ex-colleague called. She envies my Aaron even though I have my own set of problems with him. ‘At least you don’t have to worry about his work,’ she said. As if. But to be truthful, I was more stressed with the older two when they were in P6. Now, I take it easier.

Anyway, our conversation turned to the behaviour of our kids nowadays. I dished out advices. I’m quite an expert now, having attended a few parental talks as part of my work for MCYS as a school coordinator. Parents of teenagers are highly encouraged to attend – at least as a reminder on how to parent a child at the worst stage of  life.

I digress. She tells me of the nonchalant ways her kids use obscenity in Facebook. Like me, she gets embarrassed reading them. At least her son only uses WTF. So what does she think WTF means?

‘Oh, my son told me it’s what the fish!

Fish? WTF definitely contains an obscenity that I’m very sure has nothing to do with fish.

I have limited English obscene vocabulary as well but I am quite sure I know what WTF stands for…until last night. As I was flipping through Times magazine. Lo and behold, staring at me was this picture below:

WTF in Bangkok is a ‘hipster-filled, three storey bar, cafe, exhibition space and screening room – with a dance floor.’  WTF here stands for Wonderful Thai Friendship.

OK, so maybe her son did mean What The Fish!


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  1. That acronym could mean different thing to different teenagers too. Imagine my student use that to mean “why the F?” when I gave then an F for test? And Lola comics on June 10 has its own meaning too at

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