Detectives in Trouble – Korean Drama

I swear, I would never have thought there’ll come a time where there are more Korean dramas on TV than I could watch in Singapore, but it’s has become a reality since the launch of SBS’ ONE channel. ONE has all the block busters nightly and my Aunt E  and I had been eagerly awaiting it after we saw the snippets. Her hope dashed with the first episode. The whole channel has only Chinese subtitles. Because of that, I have not been watching much of that channel either.

Detectives in Trouble has just completed its 16 episode run on KBS (Ch 115)  last week. The title hinted at comedy but it’s more of a romantic thriller. The first episode introduces us to the team of detectives (Park Se Hyuk and team), headed by Captain Jong Il Do, and cub reporter Jo Min Joo. We could immediately sense the hostility between Jong and Park.

Park Se Hyuk’s daughter was killed in a freak accident when the car driven by a criminal was shot by Jong. The car crashed into an ice cream parlour and instantly killed Park’s daughter. Park’s wife, devastated by the incident, divorced him. Park couldn’t get any answer to his child’s death and decided to become a detective to solve the case.

In the episodes that follows, the audience follow the team as they solve serial murders, kidnap, and other cases, helped by Jo Min Joo, the kaypoh reporter. Park’s wife return from US midway and coincidentally is pursued by Captain Jong, but she has not forgotten Park, who is now involved with Jo.

At the last part, the drama comes full circle when Captain Jong discovers that it isn’t his bullet that killed the criminal who crashed into Park’s daughter.

The twist at the end of the exciting drama makes the series worth following. No spoiler for you here.


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