My New Job as Coordinator

I started this job officially in April, although way back in February, I was already doing it, just not getting paid.

In my role, I organize and coordinate with the school and service provider to bring about School Family Education (SFE) to the parents in my school. In this very busy world of parents, we parents tend to forget that we play a much bigger role in the family, and we often leave our kids to the maids, resulting in only a tiny thread of link to them through financial or material providence.

SFE hopes to change all that through parenting talks and workshops, social functions to bond with the kids and their schools, and various events to cultivate a balanced family life.

If you have not attended any of the programmes in your kid’s school, especially if your child is a teenager, it’s your loss. I am not saying that just because I am the coordinator and it’s my job to promote SFE, but because I really learned a lot from the glimpses and snippets I got from the talks.

I give you an example. How do you measure a person’s worth? I could hazard a guess. We often place the rich and famous at the top of the pyramid; and who lines the bottom? Maids, blue-collar workers? Witness how people speak to their foreign domestic maids versus how they speak to their boss and you get my point. But American philosopher Robert Nozick tells us differently. In an inverted pyramid, as long as something is alive, we give it 50 points. If it’s human, another 30 points. (Thus, any living human is a A-grade human -80 points – and deserves the respect, that includes your teenagers.) We give another 10 points for skill and another 10 points for the decision made. Note that. Skill is worth only 10 points. A skilled maid and a doctor differs only very little. So treat everyone, including your maid , or teens, like how you would treat your doctor.

Last week, I organized a family bonding session. 32 of us parents and children hiked 7km from Rifle Range Road to MacRitchi reservoir. We had a parent as a guide but I was like the tour guide, doing head counts, distributing bottled water and snack on the bus. When I was younger, I envied tour guides for going places. Well, not anymore. I digress. Did the trip achieve its objective? Just being with your love ones close to nature is suffice enough, wouldn’t you say? One father came alone. Why? Oh, the kids sleep late and may not enjoy the hike. He just did not get it but I didn’t want to pursue.

So, as I go about my job, I learn also to be a better parent and a valuable member of the family as well.


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