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The Lion King Musical – Singapore Review

When they were tots, my two older sons, who are now 18 and 19 respectively, love the Disney cartoon The Lion King. They would watch the video tape weekly, so much so that they even knew the next line before … Continue reading

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First Visit to MBS

Last Saturday was our first visit to MBS. Even before we went, we were warned – parking is difficult. Go early or use valet. We wanted to go there for dinner before our show at the theatre. Mike went online … Continue reading

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It’s June holiday next week and parents, er…I mean mothers, with kids taking PSLE soon are highly stressed. Every Friday during our drive to yoga, my friend S laments about her P6 son. Why can’t he be more like her? She was poor and … Continue reading

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Jane Eyre – Movie Review

After weeks of haitus, Bee and I finally found a movie worth watching. Jane Eyre has garnered quite good reviews and yet we decided to take a chance to go down to Lido on a Friday night, hoping for good … Continue reading

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Detectives in Trouble – Korean Drama

I swear, I would never have thought there’ll come a time where there are more Korean dramas on TV than I could watch in Singapore, but it’s has become a reality since the launch of SBS’ ONE channel. ONE has … Continue reading

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A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

I’ve been putting off writing this review for some time, just in case I don’t do justice to the book. You’d probably find better written and more useful reviews of this book elsewhere in the net. But to those who … Continue reading

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My New Job as Coordinator

I started this job officially in April, although way back in February, I was already doing it, just not getting paid. In my role, I organize and coordinate with the school and service provider to bring about School Family Education … Continue reading

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