Happenings this week!

Someone passed away inside the level one public toilet of Ulu Pandan CC last Tuesday. I saw the police car and ambulance outside as I entered the building for my yoga class. Security guards diverted us away from the toilet, telling us to use the toilets in the upper floors.

Quickly, the news spread. An old lady had either fallen to her death or had a hard attack inside the toilet. Someone saw the stretcher went in and came out empty.

‘It’s terrible. Now the toilet is ‘dirty’ and we cannot use it anymore.’ H lamented, giving the rest of the ladies the goose bumps. All of them nodded their head in agreement. One woman who attends a class there at night felt the nights would now be spookier.

‘What nonsense! There’s nothing wrong with it. Death is normal.’ I said philosophically.

‘Ha! You’re not scared. Wait till you see one.’ H was adamant. She is a Chinese sinseh and a staunch Buddhist.

‘I can’t see anything, perhaps that’s why I am not afraid.’ I replied.

I remember once when I was in secondary school, my PE teacher, instead of conducting PE lesson, decided to share with us ghost stories from our school. Our school was rumoured to be built on a cemetery and there were many such stories to spook the girls’ imagination. Some toilets were haunted, as was the old library before it was torn down and rebuilt.  After frightening us out of our wits, my teacher said, ‘Girls, there’s nothing to be afraid of ghosts. You should be more afraid of men!’ How true.

Recently, some spooky things have been going on at my house, which incidentally was also the site of a cemetery before my estate was built in 1996. For the past month, my burglar alarm had been going off at 4.06pm every afternoon. I had not noticed the time until Aaron brought it to my attention. I had to manually reset it every time it rang. It stopped some time ago, as mysteriously as when it started.

Two weeks ago, my door bell, newly installed by Mike, started sounding at odd hours of the day. (Luckily not the night.) Ding Dong! Ding Dong! I’d look out and there’s no one outside my gate. Mike experienced it this weekend. He commented, ‘There’s a ghost ringing our door bell.’ I told him ghosts won’t bother ringing our door bell if they can go through wall, and besides, our doors are all wide open.

This afternoon, the door bell rang again. I was going to ignore it until someone shouted from outside, ‘Our advisor, Mdm Halimah (Jurong GRC MP) is conducting house visit.’

Oh well! So much for the phantom bell-ringer.


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3 Responses to Happenings this week!

  1. SG says:

    Dear Vicky
    The old lady who was found dead in the toilet at Ulu Pandan CC was my friend’s aunt and Aunty S- to all of us. Aunty S- was a fiesty and practical lady(I would like to say ‘down-to-earth’ but that could give rise to more speculations 🙂 ) and wouldn’t dream of wasting her next life (if there was such a thing) haunting some public toilet. May she rest in peace.

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