Prosecutor Princess – Korean Drama

This is one of the more enjoyable drama recently.

The romantic comedy copies Hollywood movie Clueless in that Ma Hye Ri is a prosecutor clueless about everything except branded shoes and clothes. She skipped a convocation seminar to attend an auction at a ski resort to try to bid for ‘Grace Kelly’ shoes but was robbed and kicked out of her suite. Luckily, Seo In Woo took pity on her and rescued her.

At the prosecutor’s office, she dresses in mini-skirts, high heels, dangling accessories and drives a red convertible. She is instantly disliked by all her colleagues and her low EQ does not help. She is instantly attracted to her mentor, the very dashing  Yoon Se Joon, a widower whose wife resembled Hye Ri. She gets into trouble but manages to solve cases though her knowledge of branded goods. (How does a poor woman afford a XXX branded hair clip? You are lying!)

In the course of work, she meets Seo In Woo again, a lawyer who renders her help many times. Unknown to her, Seo In Woo has a motive. He wants Hye Ri to reopen a murder case from 15 years before, in which both their fathers were involved in. Seo In Woo’s father had been accused of murder and died in prison. Hye Ri’s father may be the murderer.

She finds out too late when she falls in love with Seo In woo. The elevator scene, in which they know they have to part, with the fleeting touch of their little fingers reminded me of City Hall (remember the taxi scene?).

Kim So Yeon did a credible job as Ma Hye Ri. Unfortunately although she has chemistry with Park Shi Hoo as Seo In Woo, he did not fit the role and looked a little young for the role. Han Jung Soo as her mentor Yoon Se Joon easily steals the limelight. (Truly dashing in his quiet way.)

And the song is very addictive…Goodbye, goodbye my Princess….


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