When I read about the call for WWWP5K, I got all excited. First, it would spur me to resume my Sunday runs, which had been postponed numerous times due to various flimsy excuses like weather, fatigue, etc. So even though the rest of the family could not join me today (Mike on 清明 chingming duty (ancestor worship), Aaron had tuition, Ivan had judo competition, and Andreas…sleeping), I was adamant to go for the run in support of it.

After sending Aaron off for his 9am tuition, I returned home and started my run at 9,30am. Usually by this hour, the sun would be very hot. Not today. It was cloudy and breezy, there simply was no excuse for me not to run. The only difference today is that I needed an armband for my iPhone to photograph my journey, quite uncomfortable.

I started my run just outside my estate. This is my 5km journey: http://www.mapmywalk.com/routes/view/31368440

At Bukit Batok St 25, I met with an obstruction right in the middle of my path. This has been placed here for the Ching Ming festival (ancestor worship) lasting three weeks from end of March, where residents would burn offerings for their dead family.

On the glass verge next to the ‘cage’, some offerings of food.

I continued my journey along the fringe of Bukit Batok Nature Reserve, an old granite quarry site.  There in front, I spotted two familiar figures I have not met for some time – my secondary school Physical Education (PE) and English teacher, Mr Lee and his wife, who live nearby. We chatted for 15 minutes and since I have my iPhone with me, I took the opportunity to photograph them.

I graduated in 1981 and Mr Lee retired from teaching in 1993. Now 77, he volunteers at a senior citizen club. I am so happy to see him still healthy and active.

As I continued on, I passed a flea market, something new in my neighbourhood.

I continued on, towards Hume Avenue, where a slight elevation (about 3%) proves challenging, but I persevered.

At the end of Hume Ave, I took a right to Upper Bukit Timah Rd, where the Old Ford Factory is located. This was where the Japanese surrendered to the British during WW II. It’s now a museum.

This marks the last leg of my run as I dashed towards the finishing line, the entrance of the Nature Reserve.

My run usually takes 30 mins. Today was an exception because of Mr Lee and the photos.

I love taking part in WWWp5K and hope it would be an annual event.


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