Looking at the 机(opportunity) in 危机(crisis)

I thought my car sounded funny on Wednesday but decided to ignore it as my car just had the 80k service two weeks ago. As I was making a three-point turn on Wednesday, I heard a horrible sound as my bumper scraped the kerb. Aaron was really worried. You see, we had just spent $650 repairing my bumper that my eldest son Andreas broke. Aaron was quite sure the sound was because of that. I checked, and the bumper still looked fine.

Last night as I was driving home from mom’s, the battery light started flickering. Then all the other warning lights flickered as well. I was less than one km away from home and prayed I’d make it back safely. No such luck in the traffic jam. At the Toh Tuck Ave traffic junction next to Cenergy CNG station, the car just died. Other cars started honking. I tried to start the car again but to no avail. I turned on my hazard lights and tried a few times and finally gave up. In the meantime, Aaron called Mike for help and Andreas found the traffic police (TP) number for me. Both TP tow truck and AA would take an hour to reach me. I turned off all the lights and wound down the windows. Other cars honked and gave me dirty looks but what could I do. I told Andreas to try pushing the car to the side while i steered but the car wouldn’t barge. In this incident, I realised Andreas could manage crisis rather well. He hushed the panicky Aaron and told me to keep calm. Then he put his arms out to divert traffic away from our car. Someone told him to put up the triangle sign instead and he promptly went down again to do just that. I never left my seat while he did everything. I’m so proud of him.

Other than some impatient drivers who gave us angry looks, there were a few kind souls. One man pulled up alongside my window and asked if I needed help. Another in a convertible also pulled up and offered help. When told that AA was on the way, he advised me to stay put and not get down, as the traffic was quite dangerous.

Mike came after 40 minutes and told me to take the kids home in his car while he waited for AA. (My knight in his Mazda RX8!)

The car was finally towed to the workshop last night. The alternator is spoiled. The kids and I were all indignant that this happened after i had just serviced my car but the AA man assured Mike that the mechanics wouldn’t be able to tell that the alternator was going to spoil.

We were inconvenient and I try to look for the silver lining in this episode. Everyone is safe and thank goodness it happened last night instead of later. (We are planning to drive to Cameron in June.) I was at the receiving ends of much kindness from strangers. Even a kind word brings such warmth and comfort at the time. And then I got to see Andreas as a man, instead of a boy. For that, the experience was rather worth it.


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2 Responses to Looking at the 机(opportunity) in 危机(crisis)

  1. Ong Boon Wee says:

    Soon Andreas will be serving the country and protecting us! Just don’t carry his army backpack for him!

  2. vickychong says:

    haha, would I? He sometimes carry mine, a small Kipling.

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