Back to the running track.

Last week at my gynae checkup, Dr Clifford took a look at my chart and asked if my appetite has been good recently since he last saw me six months ago. I wanted to tell him my appetite has always been too good, instead, I asked him, “why?”

Well, you have put on 2 kg since. I wanted to say it’s actually 4kg but refrained myself. He asked, ‘Are you stressed?’ while taking a look at my chart. “Oh, one PSLE this year.” 

“Actually, one PSLE and one A’levels. Perhaps I am really stressed.” I joked, then I realised he was serious. “No lah, I am not stressed, just some left over weights from festive bingeing.” I told him. “Plus I’ve not been running.”

“You run? How far?” He looked at me in amazement. Yah, can’t tell  from my figure right? I told him I run 5 km to 10 km quite regularly until this year, but had decided to replace my runs with walks and yoga instead recently.

Isn’t it terrible? I have been exercising daily for an hour and yet I am still putting on weight. I try to walk on the days I don’t do yoga, and run every Sunday. Obviously my body needs more strenuous exercise. Either that or I must really cut down on my food.  But then again, I don’t really eat so much. Okay, perhaps I have more social gatherings than most of my friends, where we frequent buffets, but still…

Like most women, I have a love-hate relationship with my body. The first thing people who have not met me for a long time comment is often my weight. But sometimes, I do have people complimenting me. My masseuse often tells me that I have very tone arms and legs. I hope someday she’ll say that about my abs too.

Last week at Friday yoga, I changed into an old sundress for my bus ride home as my car was in the workshop. My yoga mates took a double look at me and commented how sexy I was. My dress, a really old one that my German friend bought from Thailand ten years ago, fell to mid-thigh. Sally was practically gawking and my teacher Sophie told me to tell her to stop staring at me.

I laughed. “Sally, look all you want. Nowadays I don’t get anyone looking at me and it feels nice to be admired like that!”

Sally, the class clown, replied in Hokkien, “Bo hee hae ar hor, is it? (No fish, prawns would do?)”

I really envy my sis-in-law, who lost 10kg just by eating fruits for dinner, without doing any exercise. I reckon if I do my lemonade detox diet, I could lose the 4kg but do i really want to torture myself for twelve days? I could instead just run 30 mins 3x a week and still enjoy my food. So that’s what I am trying to do. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the 4kg dead weight, which has settled nicely on my upper arms, thighs and abs would evaporate off.

Wish me luck!


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