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The other day in the car, while I was listening to Liang Wen Fook’s CD and he was crooning, 如果你不小心想起我。。。,Aaron suddenly asked, ‘How can someone  不小心想起我?’ (carelessly think of me) I was amused by his question. ‘Why not? If you miss me terribly, … Continue reading

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Happenings this week!

Someone passed away inside the level one public toilet of Ulu Pandan CC last Tuesday. I saw the police car and ambulance outside as I entered the building for my yoga class. Security guards diverted us away from the toilet, telling … Continue reading

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881 Musical – A Review

I had enjoyed Toy Factory’s musical production of December Rain 雨季 and thought they deserve my support for bringing 881 from screen to stage. I had watched the movie. The musical version, with live re-enactment of getai 歌台, should be fun. … Continue reading

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犀利人妻 The Fierce Wife – Taiwanese drama

This drama was shown over Starhub 825. I read that it topped the charts in Taiwan but that was not the reason I watched it. You can still watch it over the internet hosted by many sites (but not if … Continue reading

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My perspective

Election fever is contagious and it has spread among my family. My mother’s MP went on a house to house visit but Mom was not there to greet her. I saw a leaflet left by the MP and told mom. … Continue reading

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Sec Four Reunion

(1981 Teachers’ Day with the late 張雪芳老师 and and the late 李元芳老师.) It all started in Facebook. A long-lost secondary schoolmate, M, contacted me and from there, I re-established friendship with three others. It’s been thirty years exactly since I’ve graduated … Continue reading

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Prosecutor Princess – Korean Drama

This is one of the more enjoyable drama recently. The romantic comedy copies Hollywood movie Clueless in that Ma Hye Ri is a prosecutor clueless about everything except branded shoes and clothes. She skipped a convocation seminar to attend an auction at … Continue reading

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