Three Dads and One Mom – Korean Drama

This was an encore from KBS.

It’s a light-hearted comedy starring Eugene and the story totally unbelievable, so just watch it without thinking too much. Storyline asides, the script is funny and the three daddies – really cute to watch.

This drama copies the 1987 Hollywood movie Three Men and a Baby starring Tom Selleck. 

Nayong and Seung Min want a baby badly but Seung Min has low sperm count. His buddies – miser bank investor Soo Hyun, carefree playboy comic artist Kwang Hee, and ‘strong and dependable’ Detective Kyung Tae, in a drunken stupor, agree to donate their sperms to him. It would be in secret and none of them would know whose sperm actually fertilized the egg.

Nayong gets pregnant but Seung Min dies in an accident. The three men help Nayong through the birth at a new birth centre with a clumsy doctor, then through her confinement. (One wonders why Nayong has no female friends or relatives at all.) When creditors confisticate Nayong’s house because Seung Min was a guarantor for her father’s debt, she and her baby move in with the three men., and so start the comedy when you put helpless men and a baby in the same room.

(Spoiler ahead!!)

Although the three men fall in love with Nayong, there are numerous hint that Nayong was most attracted to banker Soo Hyun, but Soo Hyun only dates rich women. When he finally decides to get engage to a rich girl, Nayong accepts a new job in Dubai. She feels that sooner or later, all three men would get married and she should not stand in their way. Like the movie, she doesn’t leave. Soo Hyun forfeits his engagement and the three daddies and one mom live happily together. So who is the baby Hassan’s real dad?

Huh? Like that how can? That’s what I thought when the series ended. Isn’t she quite selfish to dash away Kwang Hee and Kyung Tae’s mothers’ hope of getting their only sons married. That aside, they were many laugh out loud moments and I enjoyed watching it.


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