Observing Earth’s Hour

Did you observe Earth Hour last night?

8.30pm – 9.30pm yesterday was designated Earth’s Hour by WWF. I did not know about it until Aaron mentioned in passing while surfing the net. Saturdays are usually spent at my in-laws’ house and for the past few years, the family had observed Earth Hour by switching off all the lights while watching TV in the dark. This year, my in-laws had a wedding dinner to attend. I cooked a simple rice dish with salad and miso soup and we ate in. Since Aaron mentioned it, I warned the boys that we would be observing the hour and all lights would be turned off at 8.30pm. Andreas said he would be going out. I suggested to the other two that we should go out for a walk during that hour. Both refused. (How depressing! Can’t even spare an hour to be with their parents and rather suffer in the dark, hot and humid room, ie, provided they kept their promise to SWITCH OFF during that period.)

Mike and I left home at 8.30pm for a walk, after I made sure the boys kept the promise of switching off all the lights. As soon as they heard the clang of the gate closing, the two bedrooms lights immediately went on. I was furious and went back in to give them a scolding.

As we walked around the neighbourhood, I was disappointed to note that no one along Burgundy Dr observed Earth Hour. Along Bukit Batok, some apartments were dark but whether it’s because the owners were not at home, or observing Earth Hours, we could not be sure. But they were the minority, only about 5-10% of the households were dark. Along Jalan Jurong Kerchil, I was happy to note as many as half of the numbers of  houses there were dark, with the doors/windows opened and  cars parked in the garage. Some had only the flicker of television as the only source of light. Most condos were fully lighted though. In short, no one bothered.

With the nuclear crisis in Japan, I had thought more people, especially the younger ones, should be more aware of the energy crisis that the world is facing. Our neighbouring countries are all preparing to build nuclear plants. Many are resigned to the fact that we have no choice but to go nuclear. Like Japan, Indonesia is situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire. What would happen if an earthquake happens in Indonesia after the plant is built?

I had thought that the driver of Earth Hour – or recycling or the various Gaia Campaigns for that matter –  should be students, since they are taught the vulnerabilty of our Earth in school. Based on my own experience, the fact speaks otherwise. True, teenagers are self-centred. They are only concern about themselves and nothing else matters, especially one that interferes or inconveniences them. Shame on you for thinking that.

I should start deducting my sons’ allowance to help defer the cost of PUB bills. Perhaps then they will learn.


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