Secret Garden (Korean Drama)

I watched this on Funshion, a website from China. My Aunt E had highly recommended it because her colleague had really enjoyed it. We couldn’t find the DVD in the stores here. Bee went to China and managed to get a pirated copy for me but I couldn’t understand the English subtitles. (Roll my eyes !)

Beware, spoiler ahead!

The story is the clichéd rich man meets poor girl. In this case, the man Kim Zhu Won (played by the very cute Hyun Bin) owns a departmental store. He is so rich that in the words of his arch rival cousin, Oska, that if Oska were to buy a plane, Zhu Won would buy the airplane company. The girl, Ki Raling, is a stunt actress.

Zhu Won is hugely attracted to her, but his mother opposes the match. Interwoven in the story is how the pair got lost in a wooded forest and stumbled onto a teahouse. The owner gives them a bottle of home-brewed flower wine each. Upon drinking the wine, the pair find that their bodies get swapped whenever one is caught in the rain. The comedy starts with the gender mix-up roles. Like how Raling, in Zhu Won’s body, has to demonstrate to ZhuWon (in Raling’s body) how to put on a bra. And how Raling (in Zhu Won’s body) went to a spa and saw Oska, her idol, in the nude. The mix-up can be confusing to the audience as well, especially when the role proves too challenging and the director has to resort to turning them back into their original roles and then back again. You’ll see what i mean when you watch it.

While watching the drama, I thought the switch was distracting and irrelevant, until the part where Ki Raling became comatose in a stunt accident. Zhu Won, in his ‘selfish love’, decided to drive into a storm to switch their body and replace her comatose state.

There were many parts I couldn’t catch, as the subtitles were too fast and often difficult to understand. (What about the mermaid disappearing like bubbles?) Some parts were also rather draggy and I could do one whole week without the urge to watch.

I wonder if the story is the same as the Taiwanese version that was shown on Channel U some weeks back.


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