Dressing for the occasion.

I read in an article somewhere that most of us only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time.

My friend, J, lamented aloud during lunch last week that this was not a problem before Facebook. Now that everyone post their photos on Facebook, it has become a problem for her.

How so? I asked.

‘I have only this one formal dress that I wear to all the weddings I attended. My third sis, then my second sis, and all the other cousins etc. One day, while looking at the wedding pics in FB, my colleague warned me against wearing this outfit again. I appeared in the same dress in all the wedding photos.’

We laughed. Ms Teh turned to me. ‘Just like you Vic, in every of your vacation photos, you are in the same clothes. Whether it’s in NY, Korea or Japan.’

I protested. ‘That’s because I always borrow the same jacket from my friend, Bee. Why buy winter clothes when you only wear them during vacation?’

J agreed. ‘But what am I going to do with that dress? There are no other occasion to wear it.’

We suggested helpfully. ‘To the office. To the Market.’.

Speaking of dressing for the market reminded me of another incident. 

My Aunt E complained the other day that when she wore the Hard Rock Cafe Limited Edition T-shirt that I had bought her from Narita, to Tiong Bahru market, there was another girl wearing exactly the same shirt. She didn’t say it but she had obviously been very embarrassed.

I complained to Mike, ‘What? That T-shirt cost me S$69 and she wore it to the market?’

Mike was understanding. ‘Your Aunt E only wears T-shirt during the weekends when she goes to the market. Else there is no opportunity for her to wear them.’

He didn’t say it but i can guess. Unlike me, who wears T-shirt at every occasion such that when I am in a dress, I am considered dressed up.

I’ll now try to dress up more. So don’t be surprise when you next see me. The dress it not new, just the 80% of the wardrobe that i wear 20% of the time.


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