Guardian Angels

When my friend, who lives in Hong Kong was back home during CNY, she told us about the rescue operation on a stray dog which she had been responsible for before the dog got adopted. The dog had been under her care at the pound and had been adopted by a British man but got lost immediately upon reaching his house, a remote place on a deserted island in HK. Frantic, my friend launched a search and rescue operation over a few days followed by every weekends, trekking through long distance in the  forested island and cruising around the island on a boat, hoping to spot the dog. When they eventually spotted the dog from the boat a few weeks later, she was all skin and bone. 

My friend took her home and added her to her troupe of two other dogs, which was looked after full-time by a Filipina maid. I was in awe by the passion she shown on the dogs. I had owned dogs (three at one time) before and I know how expensive and time-consuming looking after them are, and i admire my friend for doing this.

Another friend in Singapore, who also volunteers in a pound, had asked me to adopt a dog but i refused. ‘You have a large garden, perfect for a dog,’ she persuaded. Unfortunately i told her i am not as passionate as her. As if caring for my three kids is not hard enough work.

Mom’s neighbour, Mr Gosh, a cat lover, told me recently that he spent $20K a month caring for the neighbourhood cats, a figure I thought was exorbitant. But then, any amount spent on something I do not care about is exorbitant, whether it’s $20 or $20K.

My yoga mate recently rescued a stray cat in her neighbourhood, and spent over $700 in vet fee on it. She has now adopted the cat, a male tabby she named Ginger. It’s a beautiful cat.

I can’t say i understand their love for the animals, nor their willingness to spent so much time and money. But I do admire their work and effort. For many of us, me included, we feel we have better use of our time and money, like sleeping in the weekend, or buying yet another pair of shoes.

I can never be like them, for that resaon alone, I salute them.


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