No Strings Attached – Movie Review

It wasn’t Bee and my first choice to watch this movie, but we couldn’t get good seats for The King’s Speech nor Black Swan. How come people are so free to watch movie mid-week? Our guess is that single dating couples meet on Wednesday and weekends. So better to watch movies on Mondays next time.

There were many moments that I didn’t feel comfortable with the movie. Call me a prude, but as a mother of teenagers watching fourteen-year-olds making out in school camps is just not my cup of tea. Throughout the show, sex is portrayed as almost primal in the movie – that humans must get a regular dose of, despite not having a regular partner.

Emma (Natalie Portman) wants to have regular sex, just not the complicated relationship that comes with it. She is the ‘strong woman’ that is okay being alone.  Adam (Ashton Kutcher), her first sexual partner in high school, agrees and they become ‘sex friends’. Things works well until Adam wants something more. He buys her bunches of carrots (‘no flowers’) for Valentine’s Day, arrange for mini-golf and a walk in a light installation exhibit, making her feel so uncomfortable that they agree not to see each other again. But lo and behold, she discovers she is actually in love with him at her sister’s wedding and rushes to him.

Like all romcoms, the ending is predictable but that’s not my issue with the movie. I found the dialogue lame (‘You have a nice penis!’??) and the plot thin. The characters are caricatures, (dumb blonds, aged sexy star) and I had expected better script selection from Natalie Portman after her rave performance for Black Swan.

A disappointment indeed, and that’s coming from a romcom fan.

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