Finding Mr Destiny – Movie review

Yes933 had a contest to give free tickets to this movie: ‘What would you say to him/her if you have a chance to meet with your first love?” I pondered about it. Then I realised other than Mike, I never had any other relationship. Sigh…what a let down.

So, after hearing so much about it, I persuaded Bee to go along to watch the movie with me, although our fist choice was still to watch Colin Firth in The King’s Speech, which unfortunately was full.

Finding Mr Destiny tells the story of a nerdy ‘Mr Bean’ kind of guy, Gi Joon, who started an agency to help people find their first loves. First Love is apparently very deeply in-grained in a Korean’s life and often affects his/her subsequent love affairs.

Ji Woo, a musical stage director, met her first love ten years ago in the Blue City in India. They lost contact after she failed to turn up at the airport to meet him. Since then, she has turned away numerous suitors and her father thinks it’s because she cannot forget her first love. So he engages the service of Gi Joon to help locate this mysterious Kim Jong Wook.

Through the course of finding her Mr Kim, they fall in love.

The comedy plays up his nerdy Mr Bean’s image. The viewer also gets a chance to experience a Korean musical, which is just as popular as in Broadway. Only thing unbelievable is how a stage director can replace the lead actress at the last moment.

Bee and I had a light, enjoyable evening after a rather hard week. Bee had been travelling the whole week and I trying to tie up my new job. So the movie was a nice break.


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