My new job

I think it’s almost set, pending to my signing on the dotted line. I’m getting a job.

Not that I asked for it. I don’t mean to brag. But other than my very first job after graduation from NUS, all my jobs were literally thrust onto me.

After my A’levels, I was asked to teach Chinese at Yuan Ching Secondary School as a teacher I knew was going on maternity leave. It was challenging. I could see the difference in attitude between the streams. Some of my student were the same age as me. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the boys but a girl who made me cry. She had refused to stop chewing gum in class without making the ‘thud’ sound as she burst the bubble.

Thankfully I only taught for two months.

While in university, mom often got me a job at Mobil, where she was working as a secretary. Once, she got me a job tending a counter for Singapore Arts Festivals at Centrepoint.

After my graduation, I applied and got a Chemist job even before I graduated. Nine months into the job, my uncle told me via my mother that I should work for him instead, as Chemist as no future. Thanks to him, I became a salesgirl, selling Dupont’s Engineering Plastics to all the Uncles at molding factories in Kallang. I also sold non-woven fabrics to mattress makers. Being with DuPont has its privilege. I got to travel for sales seminar and the courses conducted by Du pont were one of the best I’ve attended. Some of my closest friends now were made while working there – Sheena, Ms Teh, Jasmine.

In 1996, knowing that I was working only part-time now with my uncle, ICI Chemicals approached me to work for them. I was to sell their Acrylics, to replace someone who was leaving. From a local salesgirl, I became a regional salesgirl, travelling from China to Australia. My friendship with TSF and Bee was made during this time. Now that ICI has closed and we are dispersed, yet we all agree that working at ICI was the best time of our career. 

Most of my friends who left ICI went on to become regional sales manager, directors, entrepreneurs, GMs and MDs. Me? I became a housewife. I often lament to the boys, ‘See how much i sacrifice for you?’

In 2006, a friend who had left ICI to start her own business requested that I work for her as she was going on maternity leave. I agreed and for nine months, managed her company for her until I left because of disagreement in management style.

Just as well, for after that I discovered my passion in Korean dramas.

I’m often mistaken as a Tai Tai, instead of a housewife/homemaker/stay-home-mom/maid. Friends are forever recommending me jobs I didn’t ask for. I turned them all down. I’m so comfortable now that leaving this comfort zone is a little daunting.

This new job I’m taking up is part-time, as I need only to work 18 hours a week, and mostly from home. It’s similar to what I’ve been doing occasionally now for as a volunteer for my son’s school – organizing and coordinating while promoting family life for parents and school, except now I have a small allowance, and the PSG also has an allowance to fund its program. I can’t say no to my PSG group and school. I know how hard they have all worked and how difficult it is to raise funds to pay for our activities.

Wish me luck in my new endeavour.

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2 Responses to My new job

  1. Why is getting a job you’re offered (w/o applying) bragging? Most of the time, (academicians and) myself give more respect to jobs that are obtained through sheer effort that involved searching, applying and interviewing. It goes to show that’s the job you really wanted.

    So having only jobs all your life that are not searched (or you didn’t apply for) isn’t something people looked up to. Unless the people who asked you to stay are Google CEO, or Steve Job, or Michael Dell or Sergey Brin etc.

  2. vickychong says:

    Why? Because when people offer you a job without you asking, that often means they can see the potential in you. Why do you think so many top posts are head hunted?

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