Joining the iPhone club

When my contract expired a few weeks ago, i pondered about getting an iPhone. My friend, Pearly, a gadget geek, showed me the apps in there but failed to convince to get it, although I did listen to her and got an Android for Mike as a surprise. Then i saw my sister-in-law absorbed in her iPhone. She reads the ebooks in there while I have to sit through two hours of 爱 every Saturday at our MIL’s house. That sort of convinced me.

Yesterday, I spent more than an hour at Starhub IMM to get my iPhone. I noticed the week signal but the seller assured me that the signal in the shop is weak. It would be ok once I get out. Mike and I immediately went to the booth outside to buy a protective cover and I chose a metallic back cover.

Once I got home, Aaron refused to return me my phone. He set up my security code, downloaded his games and proceeded to play. In the car to my MIL’s house, I noticed the intermittent signal. Mike explained that 3G phone is like that, as it has to constantly locate new signal station. (True?)

At my MIL’s house at Marine Parade, I totally lost all signal. Worried, I called Starhub. They advised me to head down to Parkway Parade to change the SIM card. That didn’t help. With a test phone, they informed me that I have to do a one for one exchange at either Tampines or Plaza Singapura (PS). What a let down. I was really mad.

This morning, after our morning jog, Mike and I went down to PS. Luckily I did not have to wait long. They changed my phone and to my horror, lost all my contacts. The nice man, seeing my horrified face, managed to retrieve all my data from the old iPhone. Phew! He also removed my protective cover from my old phone to transfer to my new phone.

Look, the signal is still weak. I protested to him. He explained that because the store is located at basement 2. We went out and sat outside PS for five minutes. The signal was still weak. Mike thought it was due to my metallic cover. He removed the cover, replaced it with the transparent one given free by Starhub and the problem was solved, So now, I am left with a useless iPhone cover which I had spent $9.90.

But, all is well now. So do ‘whatsapp messenger’ me, play ‘Words with Friend’ with me and teach me all the stuff I’ve seen you all doing. I’ve joined the club.


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