When Spring Comes – Korean drama

I’d just finished watching the encore telecast of the drama on KBS. This drama premiered in 2007. After a 6 weeks hiatus of not watching any drama, I managed 6 recorded episodes today.

The story is about two young prosecutors, one graduated top of his class, the other at the bottom after three tries. The top student, Junki is the son of a construction conglomerate. The other, Jung Do is the son and grandson of ex-criminals who had been to prison a few times.

Junki’s father intends to take over Jung Do’s village through unscrupulous means. When Jung Do tries to investigate, his father gets arrested for embezzlement. Junki is the prosecutor and like any layman, he harbours prejudice against ex-convicts while he trusts that his father would never commit any crime.

Thus, it’s up to Jung Do to prove his father’s innocence and help fight JunKi’s father to save their homes.

Although Jung Do is the main lead, I thought Junki put on a more credible performance.

There is some love interest between Jung Do and a singer but don’t let that distract you from a very interesting story line.

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