Fruit Cakes

This Chinese New Year, i was blessed to received three different loaves of fruit cake.

First, my neighbour Kim passed me a loaf which she had baked with raisins that were painstakingly soaked in brandy for six months. She told me to ‘rest’ it for a week and eat it on CNY.

Next, Bee met me for lunch and passed me a fruit cake which she claimed was the best of best. Because she thought her this friend is an alcoholic, she told the baker to put an extra dash of brandy.

Finally, Aunt E called and said she bought me a loaf of fruit cake. I protested that I already have two, so she can keep that. Nope, she insisted. Her fruit cake is simply the best and I cannot miss it.

So I ended up with three fruit cakes. What is my verdict? It’s difficult to choose when the intention behind all three is made out of love for me.

At the top of the plate is Aunt E’s. It’s very similar to my neighbour’s (on the right of the plate) except that it’s also loaded with nuts. My kids do not like nuts but I didn’t mind the added texture in it. Both have very similar taste, only different texture.

On the left is Bee’s cake. The cake is spongy and soft. However, the strong dose of brandy was a little too much for my taste. Mike and the kids like this the most.

I’m blessed that when friends taste good food, they immediately think of me. It’s no wonder I put on 4 kg since Christmas. I call it my 4 kg of love.

Thanks very much,  my dear Bee, Kim and Aunt E!


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