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A Biography of Grandma

I’ve always wanted to write a biography of my Grandma. My brother did that eons ago and I found her story interesting. I wanted something I could remember her by. But like many of my projects, it’s neglected halfway. (Halfway … Continue reading

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Finding Mr Destiny – Movie review

Yes933 had a contest to give free tickets to this movie: ‘What would you say to him/her if you have a chance to meet with your first love?” I pondered about it. Then I realised other than Mike, I never … Continue reading

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My new job

I think it’s almost set, pending to my signing on the dotted line. I’m getting a job. Not that I asked for it. I don’t mean to brag. But other than my very first job after graduation from NUS, all … Continue reading

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P6 and playing soccer

After playing four games, Aaron’s soccer team finally qualify for the quarter finals, the first P6 team from NYPS to do so since 2005. They beat Juying, Jurong West and Bt Panjang to emerge the top of the group. I had watched them … Continue reading

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Joining the iPhone club

When my contract expired a few weeks ago, i pondered about getting an iPhone. My friend, Pearly, a gadget geek, showed me the apps in there but failed to convince to get it, although I did listen to her and got an Android … Continue reading

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Child Rearing Principle

Singer Kelly Chan (with a child and now expecting twins) was quoted in ST Life! yesterday that her child rearing principle is: Don’t expect, don’t compare. Child psychologists would surely approve. More often than not, children are expected either to … Continue reading

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‘Home’ MV

I caught the premier of the new ‘Home’ MV last night right after the news. As expected, the song evokes a feeling so strong I felt my eyes tearing. It was especially poignant as many of Singapore’s top celebrities came together … Continue reading

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