Things just for me!

I feel so blessed this week I feel I should document it all down. I’m so well-loved. My friends think of me whenever they have something nice.

On Monday, I met Ms Teh for lunch. In case you don’t know, she was my customer way back when I was a salesgirl selling Du Pont’s Engineering Plastics and she was the purchaser from Kedah for the plastic moulding company I sold to.

As always, she’ll treat me to a nice Thai meal in her Kallang Way factory canteen -Tomyam soup, mango salad, green curry, stir-fried spinach. But that day, even before we started, she gave me two containers of CNY cookies and a pair of orange. ‘Early new year greetings to you,’ she said. There I was thinking, ‘ Just nice, I don’t have to buy any more oranges. I can just recycle this pair.’

On Tuesday, Bee called. A friend is visiting from Australia. Do you want magazines? I’m always on Bee’s mind.

Yesterday, there was a delicious aroma drifting from next door. My neighbour Kim was braising beef ribs with home-made glutinous rice wine. It smelled so good my mouth waters now just thinking about it. At lunch, she shouted over and presented me a bowl.

The succulent meat was tender and slipped easily off the bone.

Then I received a text from someone offering me more cookies. It was Mike’s Flickr mate. So sweet of her to even think of us. (Perhaps she was thinking of Mike!)

Often, I am most touched when I am the recipient of unexpected kindness. This morning, I found a velvet box of pearl necklace on my bed. Mike explained that his colleague from Shanghai, knowing that Mike would not have time to shop, decided to do it for him and bought his wife a gift. How thoughtful. (Although now I have about 5 pearl necklaces and have not even worn one yet. OK, this CNY.)

To all above, thank you!


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