Love and Other Drugs – Movie Review

This movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. Unlike other romcoms, this one has lots of sex and nudity. (Yep, Anne Hathaway in the nude.)

Jamie is a pharmaceutical salesman working for Pfizer just before the company came out with Viagra. As a medical school dropout suffering from ADD as a child, he feels the pressure of his younger siblings’ success and his father’s disappointment with him.

He meets Maggie, a woman suffering from stage I Parkinson and both generally enjoy sex with each other. With the launch of Viagra, his career soars and Maggie feels that as a sick woman, she should not be a hindrance to him. But in the end, love prevails.

This movie shows the extent of missuse in prescriptive drugs in the US, especially in the area of ‘feel good’ drugs to treat depression. The medical professionals are ‘bribed’ by pharmaceutical companies via gifts and trips. New salesmen are made to take a queue and wait their turn to see the doctor, something I have witnessed myself while waiting to see my GP in Singapore’s clinic but established salesmen are greeted with a kiss (and sex later) by the receptionist. (I wonder if the ‘bribing’ is also true here.)

The movie has everything, nudity, sex, comic moments – thanks to  Josh, Jamie’s brother, touching speeches, etc. Yet, it does not quite connect with me. The promiscuity of the characters somehow cheapens the show and makes the love less believeable.


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