Quentins by Maeve Binchy

Reading Quentins is akin to visiting old friends. The characters are familiar. Many of them are found in her other books. There are snippets of their stories lest you’ve forgotten them, and enough of it just in case you have not read any other BM’s books to tempt you into reading the others.

The story is again set in Tara Road, Dublin, with Quentins, a high-class restaurant now as its lead.

Ella, a much-loved only daughter, falls in love with a married man who embezzled the town’s people’s funds, including her parents. He then commits suicide, leaving her his laptop containing valid information which many people want. To get her mind of it, she decides to travel to New York City to help her friends – movie makers – to get investment from King’s Foundation for them to make a movie on Quentins, the highly regarded restaurant.

Interwoven into the story is the story of how Quentins was established, anthology of people who had visited Quentins and a suspenseful conclusion when Ella finds herself in danger for possession of the laptop.

Why do I like Maeve Binchy books? She has a knack of making ordinary people come alive in her books. Irish people are more conservative, much like Asians, with family being the centre, making it more real when they have to deal with interfering parents and gossipy relatives.

Quentins leaves me with a desire to visit Dublin and I hope to do that soon, hopefully the my girlfriends who enjoy reading BM as much as I do.


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