Hello Stranger – Movie Review

A friend highly recommended this Thai movie to me. Normally I won’t watch Thai movies, better known for their horror flicks than chick flicks. But this is a romcom that even my friend’s husband likes. A man actually liking a romcom? That’s interesting.

“The movie is set in Korea, will that make it more interesting for you?” She persuaded.

So Bee and I went to over to GV Plaza and booked a 12.45pm show. The theatre was empty, with only the last three rows partially filled.

The movie started fast, without the usual introduction. A man (cute, and tall for a Thai) had booked a tour to Korea with his ex before being dumped by her. He went anyway, hoping to see her there but of course she did not turn up. He met a female compatriot travelling alone and she rendered him help when he missed his tour bus because of her wrong direction. She had lied to her boyfriend that she was travelling to Korea with a friend but was actually coming to a friend’s wedding, only to have him found out and dumped her over the phone. The two then decided to travel to the wedding together.

Like most travellers to Korea, she is a Korean drama addict and the scenes shown were those that I too visited – Nami Island, Coffee Prince Cafe etc.

The couple shared every secrets except their names – so that they can’t gossip about each other back home. She encouraged him to take the plunge by proposing to his ex with a postcard. They realised the ex was getting married when he met some of her friends there. That paved the way for the relationship to develop further, until the day of departure when the ex came to the hotel to look for him.

Even as the couple left separately, they still did not know each other’s name.

This romcom has the formula to succeed – cute couple, funny dialogues, Korea, and even a Bae Yong Jun lookalike. It took me a while to get use to the high-octave Thai language spoken. I kept expecting them to speak Korean.

I enjoyed it. So did Bee.


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