Happy New Year!

Today is the first day of school. I thought it would be a torture getting up at 5.30am but so far so good.

It’s a crucial year for Ivan and Aaron – A’levels and PSLE respectively. I had told everybody I’ll be doubly stressed in 2011 so be understanding.

On Sunday night, we sat the kids down for the family’s annual meeting and goal-setting. I don’t know if it’s a dreaded exercise for them but as parents, we felt it’s important, much like how the management kept me in check during the annual budget meetings eons ago. Perhaps Mike still does it in his work.

The kids did well last year in terms of meeting their own goals – achieving at least three out of six. For Andreas, he met his academic goals – very important as we stressed to them that since they are students. He also passed his driving theory, got a black belt for Taekwando and completed the marathon. Something he is deservedly proud of.

Ivan and Aaron did not meet their academic goals. So this mother will be keeping a closer watch on them. They did well for piano though, with Ivan finally graduating with a grade 8 and Aaron on track to do grade 7 this year. Ivan was pleased with his judo achievements and Aaron his soccer. (Medals for both).

So all in all, it was a good year last year. We ended it well too, rounding off with a wintry vacation in Japan, plus Christmas and New Year gatherings.

The girls from KL had come down to Singapore for count down with me. The heat from the shabu shabu dinner I served them, plus the beer, and the warmth of our friendship radiated throughout the night. I felt so comfortable despite not having Mike and the two older boys at home. They too were spending the countdown with friends.

My ex-neighbour, the Lee Family came for a visit the day after New Year. We had a great time catching up. The kids were awkward around each other but who cares. They had played together when they were babies until we moved out of Harvey.

Goals set, family ties strengthened, friendship rekindled – I’m all set for 2011. If I was low when I first started this post from getting another year older, I’m not anymore.

I have great people around me. I appreciate that. Happy New Year.


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