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Why must you keep using ‘assume, assume’? My mother asked me last night, very annoyed. I’d just asked my husband if he had assumed that there was double-sided tape at mom’s house for him to use to stick the CNY couplets. Just … Continue reading

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Goal Setting Strategy by Martha Beck

Most people are familiar with goal setting. Just recently, I sat my sons down and we wrote down their goals for 2011. I used the method I was taught in the corporate world for setting goals, and that is SMART – … Continue reading

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快乐天堂 滚石30新加坡演唱会

It was a concert I was looking forward to after seeing some snap shots of the Taiwan’s concert on TV. While it did not disappoint, it did not deliver the euphoria experienced by the Taiwanese audience. The concert started with a bang, … Continue reading

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Things just for me!

I feel so blessed this week I feel I should document it all down. I’m so well-loved. My friends think of me whenever they have something nice. On Monday, I met Ms Teh for lunch. In case you don’t know, … Continue reading

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All about parenting

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a parenting workshop organized by COMPASS – acronym for COMmunity & PArent in Support of School. The title of the seminar was Parenting For Resilience. (If you like to read more about … Continue reading

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Primary six is a dreaded year for mothers with kids in primary six. As it is, I know of at least four mothers who had resigned just prior to PSLE for the sake of their children, although two have since gone back … Continue reading

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Love and Other Drugs – Movie Review

This movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. Unlike other romcoms, this one has lots of sex and nudity. (Yep, Anne Hathaway in the nude.) Jamie is a pharmaceutical salesman working for Pfizer just before the company came out with Viagra. As … Continue reading

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