omg! The tirades I received

When I wrote about my attendance to the NUSS’s political dialogue, i certainly did not expect anyone, other than friends and relatives who have been following my blog to be interested in it. It was thus a surprise to see my articles being reproduced elsewhere, and a shock at the numerous tirades targeted at me for being ‘tone deaf’, ‘pro-PAP’, ‘Elitist’, ‘SPG’, lazy among others. Thank goodness, those comments were limited to the websites that had reproduced it. So it’s really my own fault to have ventured into those sites to have read them.

It’s not a nice feeling being criticized by people whom you do not know, even more so when they hide behind anonymous identities. I felt my heart palpitating as first fear, then anger arose. Gradually of course, logic prevails but still, I wonder if I should change my privacy setting.

It’s true reading something bad about yourself can destroy your morale. That’s why I admire journalists, celebrities and politicians for having do what they do despite getting bad press. Of course, they have fans to balance and even tip the scale and probably make it all worthwhile.

This reminds me of the Korean drama showing on KBS now (All About Marriage/Please Marry Me). In it, an ajumma on the verge of divorce from her Professor husband becomes the Susan Boyle of Korea, something she has always dreamt about, only to realise that she does not have the courage to face online and relatives’ criticisms that accompany her stardom.

Coincidentally, Joey Stein, writing for Times magazine also lamented this week about how many do not like his ‘too-self-obsessed’ sort of journalism. He takes a humourous view on it and even wrote a witty column about it.

That’s what i should do too. See the funny side of this saga and wait for the it all to die down. After all, I am just an ajumma blogging about my life experiences. Still, perhaps I should avoid writing about politics in future. It’s truly ugly.


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2 Responses to omg! The tirades I received

  1. Haha! first taste of ‘success’, and success comes with a price dear Vicky. Marilyn Monroe had to die for her success and unmanageable lifestyle ! I wrote a post belated eulogy poem to her in my Blog…search under the tiltle in my Blog!

    In every endeavour of life you are never delude of criticism…success or failure. It is as you the journalists and ministers…how you take it without any embodiment than you will let go the idiosyncrasies of the human frivolity of slanders and traducement. For me, as a meditator for many years, maybe it is easier…I just let go and smile at the essence of that opinion or criticism.

    As Carl Sagan…said and I quote..”We judge our progress through the courage of our question and the depth of our answers, our willingness to embrace what is true rather than what feels good.” -unquote. Regards.

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