Customer Service

I am so impressed with Megablok that I have to rave about them here.

In case you do not know what Megablok is, they are the competing brand to Lego. You would not be able to tell them apart unless you look at the tiny logos on the building bricks.

Aaron has a few sets of Megabloks. He started the collection when I purchased a Dragon starter set from Honolulu for US$5 when he was four. After that, the collection grew bigger and bigger. The set is less complicated to build then lego as it comes with bigger parts and has much more accessories.

Last week, I spent much of the afternoons clearing away his toys, starting with all his Lego sets. Lego charges for missing pieces on its website, but Megabloks is happy to replace any missing parts. I was delighted when the auto reply told me that my request for missing parts have been approved. Isn’t that great customer service? I highly recommend Megabloks over Lego if you are thinking of buying for your kids.

Speaking of customer service, I am one who would write in to a company’s feedback unit if I am not pleased with their service. Most companies do not even bother to acknowledge. Worse, some companies have standard templets that show they don’t even bother to read what you have said.

Aaron once wrote to Popular Bookshop on its website to request for sales ranking for eraser tapes for his project. He got a reply from them: Thank you for your feedback. This greatly dented my young son’s impression of the company.

Last week, I wrote to Borders to complain about its organization of the warehouse book sale at Suntec. I have not heard a word since, which is fairly surprising for an American company.

Public listed companies may be just as bad in customer service. I complained and demanded a compensation for a wet parcel left in the rain by the postman to Singpost. My parcel – a Lonely Planet Travel Guide I won from SPH- was totally soaked through. Singpost remains silent till this day, 6 months since I wrote to the website.

On the other hand, some lovely responses can really surprise when least expected. My complaint to Honjin 7, a Japanese restaurant, was answered by the manager with a telephone invitation for me to return for a free replacement meal – delicious meal, thoughtful after-sale service, great company.

With all the complaints that I write, do I ever compliment? hmm…good question. Most companies meet expectation and rarely have my expectation been exceeded. If it had, I would compliment personally there and then.

Oh yes, I wrote to Forum once to compliment NParks’ contractor for retrieving my son’s ball from the rain tree.

So yes, I am rather balanced in that sense, don’t you agree?


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