My Birthday dinner at Honjin 7 (Adam Rd)

I would say 2 Nov was a good day. I had lots of surprises. The two older boys remembered and mumbled a greeting which I had to make them repeat. Aaron did not even greet me, much less give me the flower arrangement he had promised.

At yoga, a classmate who is also in my Facebook wished me loud and clear. I was so embarrassed I forgot to thank her. My yoga partner, whom I have been practising together for three years, turned to me in amazement and whispered, ‘it’s my birthday too!’ Imagine that! No wonder we get along so well. She is exactly five years older and yet people still asked, who is older? 😦

At noon, Mike came home with a surprise cake and a bouquet. My niece Nat surprised me with an early morning call (German time) just before going to school. My nephew Pat reluctantly wished me only after I said I had something with ‘McQueen’ for him.

For dinner, I had made reservation at Honjin. If you follow my  blog,  you would have read about the missing sashimi and sake on my earlier visit to Honjin 7. (

I had written an email to the restaurant to ‘enquire’ about it after that and the manager Angie called to offer me a replacement dinner.

I had expected one replacement dinner but she invited me to bring my friend along. My friend, Bee, whom I celebrated her birthday at the restaurant with, was travelling and I requested that I bring my hubby. Angie agreed.

At the last minute, I decided to take Aaron along as the two older boys were out.

We ordered a bento for Aaron – rice, pickle, cord fish, tampura, sashimi, chawanmushi, soup and salad. It had as much as our Omakase set. He was fully satisfied with his meal, although he still wished he had the same Omakase set as us.

The waiter came and offered a tray of sake cups for us to choose – one set for hot sake and the other for cold sake. Kawaii!

The chef, knowing that I’ve just been there, decided to change some of the menu. Instead of the teapot soup, he gave us chawanmushi with roe.

The restaurant was all out to make amends. Not only did they give me extra portion of sashimi (four instead of three kinds), they even threw in ice creams and Jap muaji (mochi).

Needless to say, we were very pleased with the dinner. It was a pleasant surprise and very generous for Honjin 7 to offer us not one but two free sets. At $88++ per set, I was not expecting this and this kind gesture certainly brought my birthday to a delightful end.

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