Jang Shou Korean BBQ

The girls from KL (plus one who had relocated to Singapore) arrived last Saturday, all prepared to celebrate my birthday for me. (Last year, they flew me down to KL.)

Upon them arriving, we immediately descended to Au Petit Salut at Dempsey Hill, a French restaurant that is a favourite among my girl friends for its set lunches.

For appetizers, we all had the snails cooked in garlic and butter. The shelled snail was delicious. The girls happily mopped up the sauce with bread.

For my main, I chose beef cheeks stewed in red wine sauce. It was okay, nothing to rave about. But then, French food is not really my favourite. My friend who ordered fish complained that it was salty. The other two ordered a steak each with no complaints.

Dessert was vanilla ice-cream in choux. Again, nothing to rave about. I took a bite off my friend’s orange sorbet. It was refreshing.

After the sumptuous lunch, I had wanted to go for an art exhibition by Jimmy Ong. The girls had a better idea – naps. :O

The program that Saturday night was to take the girls for some touristy walk – to view the light installations at Marina Bay with Mike as our guide and photographer. The slight drizzle just before dinner dampened our mood somewhat but we decided to still go ahead, with umbrellas in toll.

We parked at the Esplanade as we wanted to show the girls our skyline. It was disappointing. Half the city skyscrapers were dark, unlike the scene during the Youth Olympics. Disappointed, we went down to the Korean Restaurant for dinner.

Jang Shou Korean BBQ could be a great place to dine, if not for the cold service we got there (as compared to the other Korean BBQ restaurant at West Coast.) We ordered two sets of beef collar, kimchi pancake, kimchi stew and Bimbimbap. With the many assortments of side dishes, it was a feast. To make it more authentic, we even ordered a bottle of soju.

The food was good, but the Chinese waitress managed to make us feel very unwelcome. When asked for more kimchi, she replied, only one more order of each side dishes allowed. (hello, there were five of us sharing one miserable plate of kimchi!) Then at the end of our dinner, we noticed the Koreans at the other tables were served fruits. I asked her about that. Her reply? Oh, we only served if you asked for it. (Full Stop. Without any offer to us.)

I have been to this restaurant a few times but if this is your first time visiting a Korean restaurant and you came here, you would leave the place wondering about Korean hospitality. Apparently, not all Korean restaurants are as generous with their side dishes as portrayed in Korean dramas.

Having said that, I would still eat there when visiting Esplanade as there is no really good Asian restaurants available there to bring guests.

(Most of my guests declined to eat at Makan Sutra despite my highly recommended oyster omelette, char kway teow and BBQ chicken wings, citing the hot and smoky environment.)


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