Cake Bash

Fann Wong commented in her first award ceremony that”I have won in all categories. What is left for me to win next year?”

Somehow, I felt the same high this year on my birthday. My loved ones bought me all the bestest of best cakes in Singapore from all over the island and in a week, I gorged down four cakes. Like Fann, I thought, I have eaten all these cakes, what is there for me to eat?

First, for my pre-birthday weekend, Bee drove all the way from her house at Potong Pasir to Bedok and then to Bukit Batok to deliver this exquisite chocolate cake from Choc-a-bloc. Some years ago, Sunday Times surveyed four famous chocolate cakes and declared this a winner by giving it 5 stars. The newspaper cutting is still on my fridge. I quote : Three layers of moist sponge alternate with three layers of fudge. It gets top marks for its generous lashing of rich, milky fudge made with four types of chocolate.

I look longingly at it every time I pass my fridge. Bee said she had bought me the cake two years ago.  I swear I could not remember ever tasting it and so she promised me she’d buy it for me this year. I promised I shan’t ever forget again.

Even after five days in my fridge, it still kept its moistness. (I finished the last of the 1.6kg cake this morning.) 

(Believe it or not, the few times that I happened to be in Bedok, the shop was not open. So check before you go. Tel 64466096 Blk 86 Bedok North St 4, #01-179)

On Sunday, after lunch at Buddy Hoagies, I decided to treat my guests from KL to what i consider the best Blackforest cake in Singapore, better than what you get at Blackforest, Germany, according to my sister who lives in Frankfurt. I know the chef, Charles, so well that he would accept my order via sms. Either that or he is a very chin-chye guy. Call 67628019 Classic Cake, 41 Sunset Way #01-06.

On my birthday, Mike surprised me by taking half day off. He came home with a bouquet of roses but I was more interested in the blue box from Flor Patisserie. In it was the green tea cake I was oohing about the last time we ate it.

The green tea mouse at the top and green tea sponge cake at the bottom sandwiched fresh cream in between. If you like green tea ice cream or float (from Fuji Restaurants in Thailand), you’d love this.

That night upon returning from dinner, I found another blue Flor box in my fridge. My lovely sister-in-law, Wei, having read my blog, went all the way to Tanjong Pagar with my nephew to buy me a cake. (

She chose a strawberry souffle cake as the green tea cake was sold out. 🙂

It was light and fluffy, balanced by the right amount of tartness in the fruit. Andreas declared it his favourite among all.

(Notice the polka-dots ribbons – kawaii!)

You are right! My bottoms do feel tight and yoga this week was strained. But what the heck, how often can a girl be spoilt.


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