Narcissism – a condition characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, need for admiration, extreme self-involvement. (

Narcissistic – I use this term quite a lot.

Mike would protest if I happened to draw the curtain when he is changing and I would chide him that – as if we are celebrities and the neighbours are so interested in us that they are looking at our windows all the time.

My friend, nameless, visited last weekend and complained that her privacy was invaded as I’ve been using her initials in my blog. Again, I chided her for being narcissistic – to think she is the only XXX in KL with untidy xxx whom my friends reading the blog would immediately associate with.

As we drove past a cafe in Macpherson last Saturday morning, I was told that the cafe – Joan Bowen – was named after the daughter of the owner.

Isn’t that feeding the daughter’s narcissism? I had asked.

My friend’s reply put me to shame. 

The owner had named the cafe after the daughter because this cafe was for her and her friends to run. They are ‘special’ kids/adults and the cafe is a chance for them to be employed and be independent. 

So if you are ever in Macpherson, drop by give them your support.

Aaron reads my blog and asked me once, why is there a category to my name? (See lah, assume, albeit correctly it’s him.)

I told him he should thank me. I’m helping him write his memoir by recording his childhood. So in 60 years’ time when he is preparing for it, he does not have to wreck his memory.

As I write this, I am thinking, these people are actually anti-narcissistic, instead of narcissistic. On one hand, they assume they are important enough to warrant others’ interest, yet on the other hand, they detest being anyone’s subject. Isn’t that a conundrum?


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