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Tunes of the Butterfly Lovers – by SCO

I always thought Chinese Orchestra was for old people. During my secondary school’s annual concerts, I had felt that to be the most boring performance. To think that I would now actually purchase tickets to watch SCO must say something about my … Continue reading

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omg! The tirades I received

When I wrote about my attendance to the NUSS’s political dialogue, i certainly did not expect anyone, other than friends and relatives who have been following my blog to be interested in it. It was thus a surprise to see my articles being … Continue reading

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Breaking the Christmas tradition

This morning, I heard the first Christmas carol of the year on air. Last night at Raffles City, I saw that the decorations are already up. Usually by now, Third Aunt would have circulated the Christmas Eve Party menu list … Continue reading

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Political Dialogue at NUSS

The political dialogue organized by NUSS was well attended by more than four hundred members. The impending election is a key reason that I attended as well. The speakers were new to me, but not unfamiliar. There was NMP Mr Calvin Cheng, Christopher … Continue reading

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Customer Service

I am so impressed with Megablok that I have to rave about them here. In case you do not know what Megablok is, they are the competing brand to Lego. You would not be able to tell them apart unless … Continue reading

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How to make a Terrarium

I’ve always wanted a terrarium but it can be very expensive. Yesterday, I attended a workshop at Hort Park and finally learned to make one of my own. I can’t wait to make a few more out of empty glass … Continue reading

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Boys and Exams results

The exams have ended and the results are out. Friends have been calling to check on each others’ kids. Some of the kids have done well but being mothers, none of us are satisfied with the results the kids bring … Continue reading

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