Jams and Schools

This morning, I drove all the way from Bukit Batok to Lorong Chuan during morning peak hours to send Ivan to school, something I vowed I would never do (that’s why never say never). But the bus did not come after 40 minutes of wait and he had a presentation this morning. Defeated, I did what any self-sacrificing mother would do – break my vow.

When I first found out that he was posted to Nanyang JC, I thought he must have been mad to have chosen a school so far from home. I told everyone within earshot I won’t ever go there for any PTA talks there. I must be mad to pay ERP and then get caught in the CTE jam just to get there.

That’s what happened this morning. The traffic was smooth all the way there. On the way back, there were warnings about massive jams at the PIE from Eng Neo to Jurong, jams at AYE from Normanton Park to Clementi. I didn’t know where else to go. After going through two gantries at CTE and paying $3.50, I was caught in the PIE jam for 30 minutes, and without Cruz on air to keep me company.  

I am thus faced with a major dilemma next year when Aaron starts to choose his secondary school in June under the DSA (direct school admission) scheme. Someone advised me that one should only try for the best school during DSA and I have set him a goal to get into to RI. Then I thought? Wa, so far. I have to drive all the way to Bishan every time he calls – not a very comforting thought.

Aaron apparently agrees. When asked which secondary school he wants to go to? His reply : Yusof Ishak SS, just next door.

This morning, that reply did not seem as irritating as before.

PS: No disrespect to YISS intended.


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