Korean wave

For the past two months, I had not been watching any Korean dramas on TV. (I say on TV because I am following a series Please marry me on the internet.) Instead, I finished up three books I had borrowed from the library. I’m not giving myself a pat for doing that, cos the reason wasn’t that commendable : there was nothing on TV to watch. All the series shown on KBS were either historicals, on students, had ugly actors etc. Ch 825 was showing Japanese on the Mon/Tues and Sat slots.

Then suddenly starting from last week, there was a wave of good dramas. Being the kaypoh that I am, I volunteer to record them down for my aunt who does not have cable. After all, she has been passing me all the good DVDs her friends lent her, so that’s the least I can do in return. I expect a hike in my PUB bills for the next two months.

To further (im)proove my kaypoh-ness, I’m listing them here for the ajummas who read my blog and watch Korean dramas as well.

Saturday – Ch 825 10pm Style:

Behind the scene drama on STYLE – a woman’s magazine. There are politics between Chief Editor, Editor and Assistant Editor, love affairs between the the women editors with the photographer and a celebrity chef. Juicy. Currently shown 4 episodes/16.

Mon/Tues Ch 826 9pm Money Wars

Touted as the top drama in Korea now. Starring Park Shin Yang, last seen in Lovers in Paris. First episode was shown last night. I’m watching because I like him. So far, the story is not as captivating as I had hoped but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Ch 115 10.10pm Mon- Thurs  Pretty Insun

This is an encore (repeat) showing. With title like this, it’s bound to be my kind of genre. I like the dashing lead Kim Min Jun, last seen in Surgeon Bong. Here, he plays a reporter who is trying to help his classmate and first love, who had just been released from prison for murder return to society.

Ch 115, Wed/Thurs 9pm Fugitive Plan B

I’ve not seen the episodes 1 & 2 shown last week but I’ve taped it down. I don’t really like the shorts shown but I think my KL friends may like to watch Rain in action. (Rain and his disappearing 6-packs, or so i read today.)

Thank goodness all the exams have ended and i can now indulge in my own leisure activities.


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