Lei Garden @ CHIJmes

On Saturday, we celebrated my parents-in-law’s golden anniversary. They would have been married 50 years today. We wanted to bring them somewhere grand, like RWS for a treat but the parking there deterred us.

To us, even maintaining two decades of marriage bliss is hard work and we marvel at how they do it. To them, it was a non-issue and they accepted the dinner just to indulge us.

My brother-in-law booked Lei Garden at CHIJmes finally, as we couldn’t get a private room at HuaTing, our first choice. The last time I ate there, it was during my sister’s ROM lunch in 1999.

We requested a private room. It was meant to be a grand affair so Mike and I dressed up and I made Aaron put on long pants. Unfortunately, the rest of the family did not consider the grandeur of the place and occasion and arrived in T-shirts, shorts, etc. Sigh…as I quote Bee…”What to do?” “What can you say?”

The food did not disappoint, although we did find the dishes salty to our taste.

The appetizer of deep-fried silver fish, fried tofu and kangkong-like vegetable were not worthy of any mention.

The shark’s fin soup was served in a clear seafood broth, the fan-like fins was eaten with much enthusiasm, albeit with some guilt.

The suckling pig was delicious. The skin was roasted crispy and we enjoyed the few pieced presented, even sending the head back to be chopped.

A rare surprise in the Cantonese menu is Salmon sashimi, sliced in 1-cm thick pieces and eaten Japanese style – dipped in wasabi.

Accompanying the  sashimi is live boiled prawns that is served together with the broth. I would have preferred a dash of cognac in the broth for more kick.

The only green that was served is nai-bai with Tianjin cabbage, which Aaron refused to touched.

The abalone, served whole with a rectangular abalone mushroom, was salty, as was the deep-fried garoupa in sweet and sour sauce.

Lastly, we had a nice soupy bowl of  泡饭 – crispy rice in soup. None of the kids liked it but I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was much left over of it and I packed it home and reheated it for Sunday lunch. After the rice had soaked up all the broth, it tasted like Italian Risotto. Aaron loved it then.

For dessert, it was steamed cake with 汤元 in ginger soup, plus our own strawberry shortcake.


All in all, a nice family bonding session to show how much we treasure our parents’ love for each other.


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