Honjin 7 – Omakase Set

It was Bee’s birthday and I decided to bring her for a treat last Tuesday night for being such a great friend since we met as working colleagues at ICI in 1997.

Honjin 7 at NUSS Adam Road was offering a special menu. Situated in an old colonial black and white bungalow, it was a quaint setting for a Japanese restaurant. The main dining hall is small but I spotted a few private rooms. On the other side of the stairs is the sushi bar. There were two other tables occupied besides us that Tuesday night.

The restaurant is helmed by Chef Yokoyama Junichi, a 30-year-experience veteran.

The first to arrive for our 7-course dinner is a 3 dish appetizer – grilled unagi in a bed of pickled cucumber, Salmon Roe Tofu and Salmon Sashimi. The unagi was delicious in its original smoky taste without the usual sweet sauce.

Next is the fresh fish sashimi. It was stated in the promotional menu card that there were three kinds but they served me only two. 😦 (The rest were sea-weeds.)

 The third is the grilled lamb, an unusual offer for a Japanese restaurant. The lamb was cooked tender with just the right salty taste. It was so good that Bee even attempted to gnaw on the bone in an un-lady like fashion, throwing all etiquette to the wind for food. Her reason for doing may be that the portion was rather small.

The next tempura  dish was ordinary but still well done. The steamed mushroom with clear soup, served in a mini tea-pot was earthy, unlike the fishy soup I tasted elsewhere.

To fill us up, the last main was 3 kinds of Nigiri Sushi – quite forgettable.

Lastly, the fruit for the night was honey-dew plus persimmon. Sweet and refreshing.

Was the set worth $88++? It would be if they had offered me a free dessert or a bottle of sake (hot or cold) as advertised in the promotion.

The problem was, I only knew it after I left the restaurant.

PS: Sorry for the poor quality of photos. I didn’t know there was a film over the camera lens of my new phone.


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3 Responses to Honjin 7 – Omakase Set

  1. Amos Ong says:

    On my birthday, I will say to you “(O) Ma ka se yo!”

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  3. Pingback: My Birthday dinner at Honjin 7 (Adam Rd) | Vicky's Writings

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