The Art of Negotiation

I had a busy Sunday. Mike and Andreas participated in the NB Real Run and returned my car in time for me to meet a friend from Sabah for lunch. I returned home to finish up tidying my garden and by four, Aaron was nagging for us to go to the MPH warehouse sale. He had wanted to search for Book 4 and 5 of Leven Thumps series which I had not allowed him to buy from Big Bookshop a week ago. The older two boys tagged along as Mike had promised Ivan a new laptop for passing his grade 8 piano (let it be known that it’s with my disapproval.) Our itinerary for that evening would be Expo, followed by Courts Tampines and then Ikea for a new desk for Aaron.

‘Can we have meatballs at Ikea?’ asked Andreas, after polishing a plate of duck rice combo and half a plate of char kway teow which he shared with Ivan.

‘I want too!’ Said Aaron.

‘We’ll see,’ I said vaguely as I watched Aaron ate his duck rice and my half portion of chicken bryani.

After dinner, we rushed from Expo to Courts Tampines. As expected, the males took a long time to decide what to buy. Ivan wanted a Sony but his father would only pay for an Acer.

‘Are we eating meatballs now?’ Aaron asked.

‘No, you ate too much.’ I answered as I rubbed his tummy straining across his t-shirt.

After a while…

‘I want a laptop too,’ said Aaron to nobody in particular. We all ignored him.

He tugged my arms. ‘I want one too.’


‘I want.’


That went on for 20 minutes. I decided to leave them and wandered around the other levels for a look.

When I returned, they were still not done. Aaron came over to me and whined again.

‘I want one.’


‘I want.’


‘Then can I have meatballs?’

I sighed. ‘OK.’


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