Table Garden workshop

With Nerve Plant, Neanthe Bella Palm and Dracena Compacta

I had a fun time this morning.

After my aloe vera ‘gave birth’ to dozens of kids, I found myself with too many baby aloes. I gave some to Granny and planted the rest haphazardly over empty pots, not really knowing what I should do.

Then I saw this advertisement by Passion Card – Table Garden Workshop. For $35, we get to learn to create one at Goodwood Florist and bring it home.

There were many ajummas like me at the workshop this morning, and a few young office workers who wanted to display them at the office.

Our trainer, Lucy, is a retired Horticulturist with her own plot of garden at Boon Lay Place. She reminds me of Ivy Singh, tan and jovial, with her polo shirt and shorts and a pouch around her waist. I guess gardening really does make one a happy person.

She gave us a history of her background, plus the dos and don’t of gardening.

For my table garden, we use a plastic container with a drain for excess water. First, we lay a layer of hydrotons – porous clay marbles – to help drain the water. Then we dislodge the plant carefully together with the potting mix, arranging it to our liking and then filling it with extra potting mix, making sure to press it down to remove excess air in the soil.

Finally, we decorate it with coloured pebbles and stones. Voila! – an instant garden.

I am going to make a few more table gardens with all my excess pots and baby plants at home in the next few weeks.

Then, I shall attempt to do a terrarium in November at another workshop.


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