Probing questions and answers

It’s exam week and I had been revising with Aaron. In one Science topic, he was told about the rising cost of fossil fuel and that it would soon be depleted – so what should men do? Accompanying the question was a picture of a petrol station that has a sign that says ‘Out of Petrol’.

Aaron’s answer? Use Electric car.

I asked him where he would get the electricity from? He answered from the socket in the wall – the plug.

I asked again – and where does the socket in the wall get the electricity from? In fact, where do electricity come from?

Now he knows electricity is also generated from fossil fuel.

Sometimes, what may appear to be the easiest question may not seem so easy when probed further.

One telemarketer called me a few days ago, trying to persuade me to engage her company’s service to get my money back from the vacation club i had purchased, which she claimed is being sued.

I asked her where she got my number from.

‘Oh, from our database.’

‘And how did your database get my number?’

She explained, ‘When you purchased your vacation club, the name automatically comes to our database.’

I explained that unless she is connected to the vacation club which she is trying to recover our money from, how can my name be in her database?

With that, she hung up.


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