A milestone for Andreas and for me

Today, my 18-year-old son had his first driving lesson – a milestone in any teenager’s life, and that of his mother as well.

As a mother, regardless of what other people say, one is never quite prepared to accept the milestones that flash pass as your kid grows. My sister-in-law, together with the rest of the extended family, have been eagerly anticipating my 12-month-old nephew’s first walk on his own, just like how we did with his first sit and his first crawl, not to mention his first teeth. His enthusiastic father even has recorded all his ‘Firsts’ – first Christmas, first CNY, first air plane trip, etc – on Facebook. I wonder if Sebby’s first driving lessons would also be recorded 17 years from now.

As the eldest in the family, Andreas’ milestones overshadow his brothers’. We are all excited at his new experiences, even though most are what we parents had all done before. (OK, none of us have black belt Taekwando or tried Muey Thai.)

An offspring’s experience in a way mirrors his parents, yet it’s new too for the parents as they witness with pride the acheivements the child accomplishes, whether it’s his first walk, or his new driving license. 

I’m waiting in awe the many ‘firsts’ coming soon – Andreas’ solo trip taking my car out, his girlfriend(s), his enlistment, etc. It going to be a fun roller coaster ride for him, but an emotional one for this mother as I watch him stretch his wings and take flight into the world as an independent, responsible adult.


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