Ivan, 加油!

Ivan has been studying very hard lately, staying back at the library until ten pm. Even on Sunday, he can be found at Bishan Library mugging away (I hope, or so he claimed).
‘Do they allow you to study at a public library?’ I asked him during Sunday dinner.
‘Everyone does it. They are there even before the library opens so as to get the tables,’ he told me.
‘Soon, he’ll have the same nightmare all of us from NUS still have (EXCEPT Amos, who doesn’t study but still managed to become a Professor!) – nightmares about exams the next day,’ I told Mike.
(Mine is always Physics exams, even though I didn’t take Physics at NUS, and then I would console myself that in that nightmare.)
When I was at NUS, my sister and I would queue outside the new Science Library before it opened and then rushed in to chope our table. We’d study there until 5.30pm, then go over to SRC to join the jogging club for a run or go for a swim.
I met some weird people while studying at the library. There was a girl whom I know was not from Science or even NUS but she would be there daily. I didn’t know I was staring at her until she approached me in the toilet and demanded to know why i was staring at her. I apologised and we later became friendly, and she was not from NUS as I thought. (She just didn’t have that NUS nerdy look.)  I remember there was that guy who always shared our table and even followed us to the pool once, sitting on the side to watch us. It freaked my sis and I out but we never knew who he was interested in, as as he had never once attempted to approach us.
After our exercise programs in the evening, we’d take a bus home, had dinner and then returned to the library to continue until it closed at 9.30pm, whereupon, Mom would hopefully be waiting downstairs to drive us home.
‘I did that for four years, forgoing Chinese New Year celebration during those years,’ I told the boys.
‘Did you nap?’ Ivan asked.
‘Yes, after lunch on the table until my arms ached from having rested my head on them and then I’d wake,’ I recalled. ‘Do you?’
‘Me too, for about 45 minutes after lunch too,’ he smiled at our shared experience.
Ivan, 加油! One day you would also look back at these days and smile too, like me!

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