Exercise – A way of life

Last Wednesday after he removed my stitches, my doctor told me he’d give me one month MC. (How nice if I was working!)
I smiled and replied that I don’t work, so MC is not necessary, but when can i resume my exercise?
You mean your Yoga? How about resting one month, he advised.
One month? So long?
You can’t do without it? OK, how about another week just to make sure, he said.
And so here I am at home, instead of joining my class at Yoga now.
Esther, my Yoga partner called yesterday. I know she misses me at Yoga.
How are you feeling? Your wounds all healed? She asked.
On the surface yes. But I don’t know below my 三层肉. I’ll definitely join you next week.
I can’t believe I actually miss my exercise programs – the walks, the runs and the yoga sessions. My body is itching for a good workout but I don’t want to risk tearing any muscles/fats below my belly. My tummy feels lumpy as I’m afraid to tighten my core muscles. My spine miss the lenthening stretch I give it every morning. My legs have the lactic acid aches of not having stretched for long.
Apparently I’m not the only one feeling like this. Ivan, who has been mugging at the library 7 days a week in also feeling the lack of exercise. Last week, he actually went for a run alone at night – never before seen; last night, he came home early to exercise.
It’s true when they say if you make exercise a way of life, it stays with you. I can’t wait to get back to it.

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Just an ordinary woman.
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